Creating Better Online Teaching

Our aim is to support thousands of teachers by offering free seminars that will focus on how to bring teacher’s classroom expertise online.


What's being said around the country about online learning?

According to research by USA Today education reporter Erin Richards “America’s educators know little about how to improve the online learning experience – and many districts are spending almost no time trying to figure it out before the fall term starts.”

Jenny Holtz LA communications director of Speak UP a parent advocacy organization said “Live online learning is critical, otherwise the entire burden is on parents. Obviously there were many teachers that did an incredible job and went above and beyond, but it was just hugely inconsistent.” Ariella Plachta, June 29th, LA Daily News

Four out of 10 of the poorest U.S. students are accessing remote learning as little as once a week or less, according to a new survey from ParentsTogether, an advocacy group.

A survey done by the professional networking site Fishbowl revealed that “the majority of teachers said that less than half of their students were attending remote classes.”

About the Facilitators

Creating Better Online Teaching facilitators Michael Coffey and Mick Mortlock have master’s degrees in education and over forty years doing this type of work. Coffey was nominated as Outstanding Oregon Educator and Mortlock led Intel Corporation’s transition of more than one thousand classroom classes to online.

Mortlock and Coffey recognize the pressure that teachers are under to produce meaningful online experiences that will attract students. To ease some of that pressure, teachers can email Mortlock to request a consultation via Zoom prior to the seminar.

Creating Better Online Teaching

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